Spring Concert explodes with Krewella

Ashley Winward

This past Saturday, 1,100 Spring Concert attendees were treated to a power-packed concert put on by SCOPE. The Verge Campus Tour has been rolling through over 20 colleges in the past month bringing vendors as well as music. Verge Campus prides themselves on being “an all-inclusive national music tour that…is a convergence of different styles, different genres and different worlds in a new, exciting and engaging way.”

Krewella Headlines at the 2014 Spring Weekend Concert at North Campus (Jadams Photography)
Krewella Headlines at the 2014 Spring Weekend Concert at North Campus (Jadams Photography)

Along with the concert that night, a small vendor village was constructed in addition to the spring carnival that included Spotify, Karmaloop, EMUZE, Young & Reckless clothing and more.

Throughout the concert, host Gibran was keeping the crowd excited and giving away lots of free merchandise, including shoes, meet and greets with the artists and shirts.

Opening the concert was Radical Something, a three piece reggae/hip hop group from California. You might have seen Alex “Loggy” Lagemann, “Josh Cocktail” Hallbauer and Michael “Big Red” Constanzo around the carnival at various points of the day. They were very interactive with fans, taking pictures, getting on rides and holding an acoustic set in the vendor village. Their set spanned all three of their albums, We Are Nothing, Summer of Rad and Ride it Out. The first two can be downloaded for free off of their website, weareradical.com. Closing out their set with two fan favorites, “Be Easy” and “Long Hair Don’t Care” the crowd was dancing along to the very last note.

Next up was Logic, a rapper from Maryland, who has amassed a large following on line over the course of four mixtapes. He’s known by his fans as, “Young Sinatra,” and because of that, has started calling him and his friends the RATT Pack (RATT standing for “Real All The Time”). His set blended his own personal discography with some covers of hip hop favorites. He brought along some of his entourage on stage and all were very much engaged with the fans, jumping on and off stage much to the dismay of the event security.

Finally the curtains were lifted to reveal Krewella’s “Volcano” stage; a 30-by-18 foot structure made of reflection-mapped crystals as well as LED video screens to produce various light patterns and display video to work in conjunction with the songs. When sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, better known as Krewella, appeared at the top of the volcano, the Charger Gymnasium nearly shook with excitement. Mixing hits off of their album, Get Wet, with dance mixes of fan favorites; We Will Rock You and Jump Around just to name a few, the music never stopped for a second.

One very special moment of the show was when they brought the crowd down for an acoustic performance of,“Human” as well as dedicating it to a group of friends and family who were brought inside the barricade for the song. Hearing reviews from the crowd, many described the Verge Campus Tour as being the best Spring Weekend concert in years.