Spotify Playlist of the Week

Michael Quick

Well guys and gals, this is it. The end of the school year is upon us. For this, my final Spotify playlist of the week, I decided to compile some upbeat, dance-y, and just plain happy music with you to help you all ease your way through the final couple of weeks here at UNH. Side note: I’m going to get pretty nostalgic, so please bear with me.


Love it or hate it (probably the latter) you have to admit that “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen is a fun and happy song. And for the graduating seniors amongst us, this song became popular the summer before our freshman year and was subsequently played ad nauseam during our SOAR. Needless to say, it holds a special place in our hearts, despite its vapid lyricism. It’s definitely upbeat and it’ll put a smile on your face if you let it.
Another song from the same period of time would be the instant classic “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. This song was released during Welcome Week for the graduating seniors and I know a ton of people in my class who can spout every single verse. It’s certainly a silly song, but that is what sets it apart, I think. I’ve heard stories that it was originally intended to be a joke, but then Macklemore has said that it is supposed to be a direct juxtaposition to modern rappers talking about what cool, expensive stuff they can buy. Who knows what the actual truth is. All I know is that when that iconic introductory “what, what” loop starts playing, people lose it.

It has been wonderful sharing music with all of you this past year. I hope all of the students who will be returning in the fall have a happy and stress free summer, and to those, like myself, who will be graduating very shortly, I wish you all the best of luck out there in the “real” world. Later days.