Some Good, Some Bad

Matt DiGiovanni

In this edition of my editorial, I thought I’d cover a few of the good things and bad things that have been going on lately; not quite Charger Battery style, but close!

Let’s kick it off on a good note with a mention of last week’s USGA meeting! President Kaplan showed up for a surprise visit (well, I was surprised at least) and invited all those in attendance to ask him questions that he proceeded to answer to the best of his abilities. Sure, I knew that he always came to a USGA meeting or two per semester but this was the first time I was actually present for the meeting. He fielded questions ranging from computer science majors’ scheduling/housing issues to requests for updated library materials. All in all, it was great to hear the president’s two cents on some university issues and as an added bonus, we experienced his sense of humor mixed in throughout!

Keeping with the good points, who had a good Thanksgiving break? I don’t know about everyone else, but I felt like I really needed the break from the day to day, and the long weekend felt great. On top of the time off, there was a lot of good food; I ate so much, but it was all amazing! Plus, Thanksgiving break means we’re nearing the end of the semester; there’s only a week of classes left.

Moving on to the not so good things, what is this elbow-gate nonsense? I was enjoying some day after Thanksgiving festivities on Friday when I get a breaking news update on my phone telling me that President Obama needed twelve stitches after being elbowed in the lip during a basketball game. Yes, Obama is the president and his health and safety are important, but his injury wasn’t life threatening and as far as I’m concerned it did not qualify as breaking news. I want to know if World War III is beginning or if the government is tossing something along the lines of the healthcare reform bill around. Also, big media, cut it out with the –gate suffixes. Watergate happened a long time ago and you’ve been using –gate for years; it’s time to let it retire.

This last point isn’t so much bad as it is slightly frustrating and a little confusing. On Sunday, I left my house a little before 10:30 a.m. and arrived back at my condo around 12:30 p.m.. I took all my stuff out of my car and took my wallet out as usual to swipe the card reader, and instead of hearing the usual “beep beep click,” I heard “beeeeeeeeeeep.” Assuming it was a mistake, I tried several more times, only to find out that my condo would not open. I soon found out through a few texts that this happened since the system was being worked on, but I can’t help but wonder why work was done on a Sunday when people were moving back in. Wouldn’t Wednesday, Friday, or even Saturday have made more sense? I happened to have plans for the afternoon, so I didn’t sit bored locked out of my condo, but it would’ve been nice to have a heads up about this system work since it could lock us out.

Well that’s that. Welcome back from your short break, and I wish you all good luck as you come back to reality and classes wind down. It’s only a few weeks until the semester is completely over, and winter break is here, so give it your all and don’t slack off just yet!