Snowball 2015

Alyssa MacKinnon

#Snowball2015 may have become trending for a short while, as students and their guests gathered in the Jazzman’s Cafe taking selfies while waiting for the buses to take them to Snowball.
snowball 2
Snowball is an annual dinner-dance hosted by the Class Executive Boards, held to celebrate the end of the fall semester. This year, Snowball was held Dec. 5 at 6 p.m. at Amarantes Sea Cliff Resort. Tickets were sold to University of New Haven students for $15, while non-UNH tickets were $20.

“Snowball was so much fun! The music was great; I danced all night, and ate great food,” said Class of 2017 Vice President Nina Zannino. “It was so much fun to spend the evening with my friends.”

A cheese, fruit and warm appetizer buffet greeted the students who arrived at Amarantes. Vegetable minestrone soup was served on dainty dishes with doilies that helped really hammer the snowy theme home.
snowball 1
The event hall was decorated in white twinkling lights that sparkled over the golden decorations on the tables. A personalized ceramic mug for the occasion was given to every attendee, emblazoned with the school logo in blue and a bright yellow cap.

“Snowball is a great opportunity for students to get off campus and unwind after a busy semester,” said Colleen Kerrigan, Coordinator of Student Activities. “We had a wonderful turnout this year, over 200 people were in attendance and they enjoyed dinner and dancing all night!”

Some highlights of Snowball included the Charger ice sculpture and a photo booth that was used nonstop throughout the night. The main course included artisan style breads, roasted vegetables, baked potatoes, stuffed calamari and sliced roast. Drinks were given to those with proof of ID and bracelets, but the relative cost and drink limit were to keep the drink ordering low.

After some time, the dance floor filled. Some of the notable outfits ranged from lace steampunk inspired gowns and neon cocktail attire to true snow white ball gowns. Men dressed up for the night out, and looked dashing enough for photos to be taken by Lauren Granato, President of the Photography Club, along with other photographers from the yearbook and photography club.
snowball 4
Dessert came out on silver cake platters that seemed to jump right out of a Martha Stewart home holiday treat catalog; Sfogliatelle, cannoli, chocolate cake, and a variety of soft baked cookies with powdered sugar made a lovely dish.