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Samantha Salvio

A new Charger Bulletin feature, where staff writer Samantha Salvio gives fashion advice!

“Back-To-School Comfy”

Photos of fashion styles Samantha recommends (photos obtained via
Jogging pants, or harem trousers (photos obtained via
sam's style silk shorts bw
Silk shorts paired with a plain shirt create a simple look (photos obtained via

Who misses their high school dress code? The answer: NO ONE! Especially for those who attended Catholic School and grew up wearing uniforms with awful plaid patterns, and skirts that looked like the bottom of Grandma’s muumuus.

The freedom to dress however you want whenever you want is one of the beauties of a college campus. It is awesome to see all the different personalities transcend their outfits to show off who they want to be seen as.

Going into the second week of school, I am sure all the ladies aren’t freaking out about their “dress-to-impress” outfits and are leaning towards sweats instead. While this is a sweatpants campus, like most others, that does not mean that you have to wear sweats 24/7/365. I promise you can make heads turn while being comfy.

Here are three outfits that are simple, comfortable, and cute all at the same time (with an added bonus of not having to wear jeans!):

1.Jogging Pants – Also known as Harem trousers, these pants are loose-fitting and have the same structural body of sweats, but are about fifty times more fashionable. They come in all different patterns and colors and are a staple piece for your wardrobe that can be used from lazy Sundays in student residence halls or a night out downtown. On a typical school day, wear your jogging pants with a white tee-fitted or loose-chucks, and grab a jean jacket for those cold classrooms.

Tip: if you pair a loose fitting shirt with these pants, make sure to tuck in the front or you lose shape and you look like a blob of fabric.

2.Leggings – You can never go wrong with leggings. Leggings are my go-to bottoms, especially when I’m in a rush. To balance out the black, pair leggings with a classic monochrome tee and a baseball cap, or switch it up and go for a pattern, like tribal print and your favorite sandals. Going into the fall, I favor a boho chic look: classic black leggings, caramel combat boots, chambray shirt, and an over-sized cardigan.

3.Silk Shorts – It’s still hot out and pants may not be the best option, but even jean shorts can take some effort. Silk shorts feel nice on the skin and reduce chafing on the inner thighs. Depending on what style you purchase, they can be dressier and suit business casual more, but can also make more casual outfits that are perfect for class as well.
Pair silk shorts with a navy green shirt and some pointed flats and you’ll be well dressed with no effort!

*Picture has her wearing heels but flats give off the same effect*