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Samantha Salvio

My Obsession: Knee-High Socks

A patterned skirt styled with knee-highs  (Photo obtained via Pinterest)
A patterned skirt styled with knee-highs
(Photo obtained via Pinterest)

Warm. Trendy. Sexy. What’s not to love about this fashion accessory?

I will admit that my love for knee-high socks is slightly influenced by attending a high school that required students to wear uniforms year-round, but that’s not the point!

Socks are often overlooked and not even considered when deciding on an ensemble to wear. Most people merely see it as a piece of fabric that protects your feet from smelling when you put shoes on.

In the last five years or so, designers have really been showcasing how versatile matching socks to your outfit can be, and how effortless it is to take an ordinary outfit to the next step. The classic white socks you grew up with have been replaced with the more modern incorporation of brightly colored socks and every patterned sock you can imagine.

If trying to figure out how to incorporate some striped socks into an everyday outfit, without looking like a clown, is a little overwhelming, ease yourself into this trend with monochrome knee-highs. Even without the most intricate designs, they are enough to take any ordinary outfit and give it a little extra something.

The beauty to this specific accessory is how transparent it is. Knee-high socks looks great during any season and transcends into any person’s style. Not only do they highlight and lengthen your legs, but it gives off a much more “conservative” sexy. Give the boys just enough to leave them wanting more.

Here are three outfits that showcase their diversity:

1. Boho – Let your hair fall in loose tresses and pair some fall wine-colored knee-highs with cute lace-up brown booties.
For bottoms, opt for a fun and eclectic tribal skirt or a more relaxed monochrome skater skirt. Boho is all about loose-fitting clothing and eclectic spice so stick with more loosely-structured skirts for this outfit. Make the bottom half of your outfit the focal point and keep the top simple with a plain white tee and a cardigan, somewhere along the grayscale.

If it’s windy, throw on a black-brimmed hat and carry around either a black cross-body bag with fringes or a bigger luggage bag to complete the outfit.

2. Preppy – I promise this will resemble nothing like your typical school girl outfit. Build off a cute button-up shirt with either a peter-pan or classic collar and a chiffon skirt that is of darker tones than the shirt.

Next, throw on a beige corded sweater to give the outfit more depth and an extra layer of warmth. Finish off with black knee-highs and some loafers to give off the perfect student style.

3. Grunge – Another look for those combat boots in your closet! Slip some black knee-highs on before your boots and some black shorts for your bottoms. Pick out your favorite band tee or any vintage tee that you have for the top to give your style some individualized character. Choose a flannel shirt to cover your arms from the chilly wind and a black beanie to keep your head warm, too.