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Samantha Salvio

 Sweater Weather Too Soon?

This is the time of year where I get exceptionally frustrated with New England weather—the transition from summer into fall.

Shorts styled with tights (Photo obtained via Pinterest)
Shorts styled with tights (Photo obtained via Pinterest)

Wear something a little warmer out and by the time you get to campus, you’re sweating rain drops; wear something more geared towards your summer outfits and it feels like the Arctic. My qualms about the extreme bipolar nature of the weather in this region of the U.S. is the inspiration for this week’s outfits. Whether you are a true East Coaster, born and raised, who won’t wear Uggs boots until at least December like my roommate, or like my fellow Californians from the West coast, here are some summer-fall transition outfits that will cover all of Mother Nature’s bases.

1. Dresses—Take any one of your summer dresses, whether it be floral or just a single monochrome and make it appropriate for fall easily. For your floral dresses, add some light layers that can easily be taken off if the temperature rises a little more as the day goes on.
My absolute favorite accessory for this outfit would be an oversized, loose cardigan in a neutral color that doesn’t take away from the pattern of the dress but highlights it even more. Pair these with a skinny belt so your body shape doesn’t get lost in the cardigan, some tights for the 8am-class-goers and some cute booties.

2. Shorts—Take these denim classics and add a little grunge edge to them. Wear some black tights under your shorts to get some warmth but allow your skin to breath and not get stuffy. On top, wear a vintage or graphic muscle tee and finish it with a plaid over-shirt left unbuttoned and some combat boots. If you’re in for a long day and want some outerwear for the chilly nights, grab an army green utility or military-style jacket.

3. Jeggings—American Eagle has the best jeggings in my opinion; they look great and are the most comfortable pieces of clothing to wear. Jeggings are the perfect in-between for regular leggings and jeans; they provide more body heat than leggings, but are more mobile than jeans. On top, wear those flowy summer tops for the last few times, a patterned-cloth infinity scarf, an open-knitted cardigan that isn’t too warm and a pair of ballet flats or sandals.