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Samantha Salvio

New York Fashion Week finished just three days ago and I am already looking forward to next year’s show! This year signified so many monumental “firsts” in the fashion industry, there is no telling what new innovations and ground-breaking movements will develop in a year’s time.

AG Lingerie “Black Orchid” Collection showcases plus-sized fashion (Photo obtained via New York Fashion Week live website)
AG Lingerie “Black Orchid” Collection showcases plus-sized fashion (Photo obtained via New York Fashion Week live website)

Before we start imagining what the future holds for the fashion industry, let’s talk about some highlights of the show that occurred during the last few days. Monique Lhuillier seemed to be longing for a nice summer picnic as her show was filled with a watermelon color palette.

Her line of clothing that included this vibrant color was playful yet elegant, it was received with much love to say the least. Speaking of influential women in the design world, Diane Von Furstenberg cannot be without mentioning.

As the legendary creator of the iconic wrap dress, she is back this season with a line that is inspired by Fotuna, the goddess of luck.

In an E! interview, Von Furstenberg says that this collection is about celebrating beauty, nature and individualization.

Last but not least the most talked about show is Ashley Graham’s lingerie line. This women is truly paving the way for plus-sized model as her collection is geared towards women that are curvy and still beautiful just the way they are.

Now let’s talk trends! One of my favorite parts of NYFW is taking notice of what’s on trend for the next season.

It’s always interesting to see what trends are taking the spotlight and which trends have been recycled to take the forefront once again.

Off-the-shoulder designs is one of those trends that have been recycled for the next season, but in a variety of different cuts that allows you to individualize your look.

Aside from the classic designs, some new variations include a triangle neck top and long-sleeve cut-outs that gives off a flirty look on already sexy frocks and mini-dresses.

Pinstripe is back and not just for baseball players. This design has returned as an addition to the working women’s wardrobe and demands attention through its structure.

Red seems to be a demanded color in collections this year, but moreover red floral has dominated this year’s shows.

As a symbol of both passion and femininity, you cannot go wrong with this staple in your wardrobe.