Simply Sam’s Style

Samantha Salvio

The resident fashion stylist here on campus is back and I am so thrilled to share another year of trends for all occasions and outfits to accompany them with you.
The first week of school is always one of my favorites because of all the opportunities there are to showcase your personal style.

You can pair a neutral pair of Oxfords with virtually any look, whether you want to look refined or relaxed (Photo obtained via
You can pair a neutral pair of Oxfords with virtually any look, whether you want to look refined or relaxed (Photo obtained via

There are two kinds of students that you can immediately pick out from the crowd during the this time: the students that tried on at least three different outfits before leaving their room and the ones that came to college to wear sweats all day, every day.
Whichever side you resonate with, take pride in it and have confidence in whatever makes you comfortable!
For those who want a little guidance on what to wear for the first couple weeks, here are some back to school trends:

1. Convertible Backpack: Contemplating on whether to ditch the backpack and go for a more feminine look with a handbag?
Don’t spend any more time thinking and save money by buying one item that suits both your academic and after school needs.
These bags are ideal for day to night events so you don’t even have move all your essentials from one bag to another.

2. Pins and Patches: Accessories have moved back into the spotlight and pins and patches are the top choice to take personalization to the next level.
You can transform any piece of clothing or any other accessory, such as a bag with an 80s rock vibe.
Whether it be your favorite band or your favorite emoji, these must have items make it easy to make a classic your own.

3. Shift dresses: Every fashion trend eventually cycles itself back into the current style and this round, it’s retro.
Instead of the form-fitting dresses that were in last season, this season is more relaxed. These dresses accentuate the legs rather than hugging a woman’s figure.
This is also another great piece to have in your closet because of its universality. You can slip it on with a pair of Chucks 30 seconds before morning lecture then slip on some pumps and hit downtown with the squad.

4. Oxfords: Turn in your ballet flats for a shoe that gives you a little more comfort without sacrificing any style.
This choice goes hand-in-hand with the rising retro trend, and it’s easy to picture yourself hitting hte fall streets wearing these versatile shoes.
I like to think of these shoes as a more structured version of Converse because they go well with almost every outfit, but give a more refined vibe than a relaxed youth vibe that the Converse gives you.