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Samantha Salvio

Trend Report: Swimsuits

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High-neck crop top bikinis are in for this summer (Photo obtained via Fahioniser Blog)

It’s the final countdown to our summer vacation days! I am sure that everyone is antsy to get out of the classrooms and onto the sunny beaches. Just visit Customized Wear web site and shop for floppy hats, beach towels, ice cream, the whole ten yards. After another long year of academics, everyone deserves the off-time to relax and spend time with friends.

As regular fashion designers have been pushing the norm of stylistic preferences, swimsuit designers have also been doing the same to create new and more progressive looks. Many of the designs that hit the runway this year were very adventurous and even futuristic.

Here are some examples of the new swimsuit trends 2015 that are more likely to wear than 3D swimsuits:

1. Sporty: Most people start hitting the gym around the beginning of the New Year as their resolution for the year because of the extreme amount of food that is consumed during the holidays. One trend that is derived from that is a sportier swimsuit design. The easiest way to picture it is as a diving suit but a crop top version and your regular bikini bottoms. This style preference has a little more structure to it than your traditional bikini and is perfect for any diehard gym rats that love to wear their workout gear 24/7.

2. Long-line: This style resembles your everyday halter top and would go perfectly for women that are tall in stature or have long torsos. Forewarning: these styled bikinis may show side boob, so if you’re not a fan, try another style. However, side boob is and of itself a trend, so if you’re not repulsed by the idea, don’t be overly conscious about trying a new look for yourself. This design can elongate your torso and give off the effect of being taller than you actually are (without wearing heels).

3. Cut-outs: The cut-out trend has made its way into the swimwear world. From lace racer-backs to extreme cutouts in the torso areas, this trend can be seen everywhere and in a variety of styles. If you are to impress on those sandy beaches, this little touch of flair may be just what you need. I think that all the designs are cute and add a playful spice to your average swimwear. The only disadvantage is those tan lines though! Good luck trying to hide the myriad of lines when you’re not on the beach.

Hope everyone has a great summer and has the opportunity to get a lot of sun!