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Samantha Salvio

Spring trend report: culottes

Examples of preppy, casual beach goer and sporty outfit selections  (Photo obtained via Glamour)
Examples of preppy, casual beach goer and sporty outfit selections
(Photo obtained via Glamour)

This is a term that is probably not very well-known in every day terminology: culottes.

If you were to look this term up online, the first search result that would pop up is the tight over-the-knee breaches European men used to wear. Fun fact: there seems to be a recent trend in naming new women’s clothing styles derived from men’s garments.

This modern day women’s clothing item is best describes as a crossed between over-flared pants and ankle jeans. Another way to visualize this up and coming trend for the spring is to imagine a long skirt but you can notice that separate legs can be discerned.

Before this trend started marketing towards a large population of all fashion-savvy people, culottes were more popular in charter and private schools. The idea of bottoms that were bifurcated was to reassure parents and school faculty that young girls were appropriately dressed. Another reference for this trend can be found more prominently in the 70s and 80s as skirts that were also shorts.

While this trend may not be the most sought after by our age group, here are three outfits that you may want to try if you’re feeling adventurous with your spring wardrobe:

1. Preppy: An aspect of culottes design that some people may like is they are very structured. They have clean lines and can give off a sleek look. With a pair of this styled culottes in a light or dark jean wash, pair it with a similarly clean-lined shirt. Button down shirts are a good piece to work into this outfit. For accessories, add a statement necklace with some color and slip-on or heels with thin straps. This look will give off a more mature preppy look, but the accessories will aid in giving the outfit some more youth.

2. Casual Beach Goer: Another style of these bottoms that people can fall in love with are the loose fabric culottes. Next time you head to a beach or even a nice spring family picnic, pair these flowy pants with a lace or crochet crop top and some slippers. This look will give off a boho/hipster look that can look both fashionable yet beyond comfortable.

3. Sporty: If your style is more masculine and sporty, you can also take advantage of this look. Take a pair of culottes with either a tribal or other funky design and pair it with a varsity jacket, a tee and your favorite sneaks. Another accessory to add to this look is a snapback and you’re all set!