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Wrentham Premium Outlets review

While it’s natural to want to escape from the cold and still snowy weather of the New England area for a sunny paradise during Spring Break, I however, opted to head for Wrentham, Mass. I happened across this location from a family friend who had said these outlets were the best to go to if you wanted to snag some great deals. After that conversation, wheels started to turn in my head; instead of wasting time and money to fly somewhere else, it would be better to stay in the region and shop instead! The only thing I did not account for was how terrible the weather would still be, but one negative wasn’t deterring. Here is my review for this collection of stores in an outdoor setting:

Sam recommends checking out the outlets in Wrentham, Mass. if you have a chance (Photo obtained via
Sam recommends checking out the outlets in Wrentham, Mass. if you have a chance (Photo obtained via


VIP Discount Book: At the information desk located with the food court, you can show one of their associates your college ID and receive not only a booklet with more discounts than the store advertises, but also an extra sheet of discounts tailored specifically for students. The discounts specifically for students was beneficial because it was directed towards percentages off one or two items instead of exceeding a certain price for purchase

Timing: We went on a Tuesday, and it seemed like a nice and quiet time to go. I am not sure how it is on the weekends, but during the week there isn’t very much competition for those must-have items you need.


Remodeling: Some of the stores had very limited merchandise because they were in the process of expanding the already existing space. It made these places a little cramped and hard to maneuver around the racks and other people.

Directory Map: There was a disconnect between the diagram layout of the outlets and the index of stores. While the diagram numbered the stores according to location, the index was arranged in alphabetical order according to the type of store (women’s, accessories, shoes, etc). This made it a process to determine where exactly you were and finding what stores were next to each other.

Other tidbits:

If you plan on going into DKNY, expect to leave broke. Their sales associates are very aggressive by welcoming you, complimenting your bag and handing you a bag filled with things to try on. They are very well trained and can motivate the stingiest of people to drop at least $100 easy.

Overall, I think these outlets make my top three next to Cabazon in California, and the Jersey Garden Malls.

With all my purchases and discounts, I was able to save a total of $624.10!