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Samantha Salvio

Tips to stay warm this Season 

The perfect over sized cardigan (Photo obtained via Pinterest)
The perfect over sized cardigan (Photo obtained via Pinterest)

With more news of impending snowstorms, this weather is not getting any warmer. It’s bad enough trying to stay warm in the daytime with the sun out, but once the night hits forget about it. I want nothing more than to go home and just curl up in my heated blanket bed and call it a day. For those who resonate with this feeling, I’m sure you can also relate to the amount of effort it takes to bundle up to walk to class, and then breaking a sweat when getting in the classroom. You become that person that is the last to leave because you have to re-bundle yourself to walk outside again. You can either make sure all of your classes are in the same building and closest to your residence hall, or you can follow these easy tips:


  1. Tights/Leggings: Layering can be made easier, I promise. Putting some tights or fleece leggings under your pants will make all the difference. This is a look that doesn’t make the body unflattering. You would immediately assume that multiple bottom layers would make you wider in the hip area, but because the tights are so thin, it still looks like you are wearing one layer. Forever 21 also sells fleece-line leggings that are super warm and can be worn under jeans.
  2. Cardigans: Don’t let your fall pieces go to waste! Cardigans alone would leave you freezing, but they make an excellent insulator underneath a heavier coat. If you are sick of wearing the same heavy winter jacket, switch it up! With a cardigan over any tee or blouse, add a medium heavy jacket (such as a pea coat) and notice the same warmth you would with a snow jacket. Most thin cardigans won’t add any bulk to your outer coat, but it can depending on the material, so keep an eye for that.
  3. Cable knit knee high socks/ fuzzy socks: Don’t know what to do with the crazy-patterned fuzzy socks Aunt Sallie gave you? Here’s a perfect solution: add them under knee-high socks for extra warmth. Alone, these socks usually wouldn’t go with any daily outfit, but underneath an outer layer of knee highs, the crazy colors are covered and keep your feet unbelievably warm. My only disclaimer to this is if you have snug-fitting boots or shoes, they will scrunch your feet more with the extra layers, but if you have looser-fitting boots this sock combo is perfect!