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Samantha Salvio

Holiday Outfits 

A holiday look (Photo obtained via
A holiday look (Photo obtained via

Classes are over and it’s time to look forward to the rest of the holiday season! This means more great food and family time, and hopefully a nice break away from anything academic. Food is the top thing that I look forward to, but my holiday outfits are a close second.

Living away from my family while attending college, I look forward to the holidays to see all the family I’ve missed during classes. My family is the type to dress up for the holidays and take pictures before dinner. From Christmas Eve dinner to New Years’ celebration, it’s easy to look dressed up for all three occasions without breaking the bank.  Here are three outfits that are quick to coordinate and are appropriate for each event:

  1. Christmas Eve: This isn’t the main event of the holiday season but a lot of families use this day to visit distant family and those family members that you aren’t spending Christmas day with. While you don’t have to put on a show-stopper outfit, it’s still nice to dress up a little. As a base, start with a flannel shirt, and if you are feeling really festive make sure the pattern includes reds and green. On top of that, put on a knitted sweater that allows the flannel underneath to peak out from under the sleeve and on top of the collar. Add a small statement necklace, nothing to elaborate, but enough to give your outfit depth and sparkle. If it’s a close trip, throw on some nice jeans and flats. If it’s a drive to get there and cold out, opt for a more comfortable option with leggings and boots.
  1. Christmas Day: Yay for unwrapping presents and giving presents! Once the gifts are all unwrapped and you’re ready to change out of those morning onesies, it’s time for your dinner outfit. Depending on how formal your family goes, you have two options. For a more semi-formal look, wear a nice dress with a warm sweater on top. A really cool look is if the dress, or even a skirt, has sequins on it. With a plain neutral sweater on top, the contrast of fabrics in this outfit give an understated glamour about it. More a more formal look, go with a shirt dress. The two fabric choices to choose from are chiffon or a classic sweater dress. With a pair of black opaque tights and cute matching booties, you’ll look great and comfortable.
  1. New Year’s Eve/ Day: There is always someone you know who is throwing a party on New Year’s Eve and who doesn’t want to look nice for the first day of the New Year? For his outfit, I favor a monochromed look, whether it be all black, all white or a bolder color-like red. A chic outfit would include some nice black leggings with a leather strip down the sides and nice blouse, use a chiffon button down or match the night’s fireworks and wear a sequined top. Throw on a blazer, black pumps and throw your hair in a top knot and you’re all set!