Shooting at Oikos University

Ana Abraham

The biggest mass school shooting since the tragedy at Virginia Tech happened Monday, April 2, in Oakland, California. One Goh, the 43-year-old man who allegedly killed seven people and wounded three others at Oikos University is being held without bail.

Goh was a student of nursing at Oikos University until last year. Some reports say he was expelled, supposedly for anger management and behavioral issues. Others say he left voluntarily. Goh had gone back to the school to speak to an administrator about receiving a refund for money he had paid while still enrolled in the school. Upon being denied, Goh went back to the school on Monday morning armed with a .45-caliber handgun. He started shooting at around 10:30 a.m. His intended target, the administrator who denied him the refund, was not at the school on Monday.

Oakland Chief of Police Howard Jordan described the scene of the shooting “extremely chaotic” and an “execution.” Goh allegedly took a receptionist hostage and began lining up victims and shooting them. He then left the campus in one of the victim’s cars. He surrendered around three miles away in a supermarket. Jordan told “Good Morning America” on Tuesday that Goh had been “disrespected” and “mistreated” by his fellow students at the school. If convicted, Goh could be eligible for the death penalty in California.

On Friday, April 6, Oakland Police found the gun that they believe was used by Goh in the shooting. He had not had the weapon when he had been taken into custody Monday, and police searched area estuaries using divers and Sonar until they found the weapon.

Oikos University is a small Christian school that has close ties to the Korean-American community. It was formed by a pastor from South Korea.