Shawn’s Hotties of the Week

Shawn Tremblay

The Gal: Katelyn Murray

Katelyn Murray, The Gal Hottie of the Week!

Major: Forensic Science
Year: Junior 2011
Involvement:  Resident Assistant or Regency, 5678 Dance Team
Hometown:  Glens Falls, NY

Why is she this week’s hottie?
Katelyn is extremely selfless and is a fantastic voice of reason. She can listen for hours and make you feel like there is nothing else in the world besides you when you are with her. Thanks for being so genuine, Katelyn! 🙂

The Guy: Glenn Altshuler

Glenn Altshuler, the Guy Hottie of the Week!

Major: Criminal Justice
Year: Senior 2010
Involvement: SCOPE Co-Chair
Hometown: Maynard, MA

Why is he this week’s Hottie?
Glenn is an excellent friend, leader, and SCOPE co-chair! He works tirelessly and endlessly to help out the various committees within SCOPE to provide UNH with great programming. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication!