SCOPE’s First Concert Proves To Be a Real “Hit”

Joann Wolwowicz

SCOPE always has a variety of weekend activities planned for every weekend that people are bound to be on campus. Activities range from magicians, comedians, and different bands that come to play. This past Saturday brought people lining up outside of the German Club to see the three bands advertised for the night: Robbing the Vatican, Borderline, and Envy on the Coast. Starting about fifteen minutes later than anticipated, UNH’s own Robbing the Vatican opened up the show with two original songs and a cover. Then, with some provocative words, they closed their part of the show and allowed Borderland to begin to set up. A pop punk band from Massachusetts, they traveled two hours to play at the show. After some technical difficulties with one of their guitars, they were finally able to play a few songs they had written for the audience.

Undoubtedly, it was obvious that the loudest cheers that were for the main band Envy on the Coast. This was the band that everyone had been waiting for, watching anxiously as they set up. Not without their own set of technical difficulties, it seemed as if a guitar strap and a microphone cord needed to be fixed before the show was completely underway. Playing a few songs from their old album, Lucy Grey, and some songs from their new upcoming album, they closed out the night with a bang.

However, not all aspects of this concert were enjoyable. People decided that starting a mosh-pit was a good idea, one that could potentially be very dangerous. SCOPE organizers tried to stop the moshing from getting out of hand, but they were ignored and even pushed around. From now on, let’s all try to go to weekend events without someone getting hurt, or in this case, punched in the face. I have to say it was not enjoyable.

Regardless, props to SCOPE for a great first weekend!