Rick Perry: “The Stumble”

Ana Abraham

It seems like it would be a Politician’s worst nightmare to lose track of what they were saying in the middle of a debate. But, on November 9, that’s exactly what happened to GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Perry.

What has become known as “The Stumble” may have done irreparable damage to Perry’s campaign. In the November 9 debate, Perry was naming the three Government Agencies he planned to cut if he was elected president. He successfully named the Departments of Commerce and Education, but then he struggled for nearly a minute to remember the third. His GOP opponent, Mitt Romney, finally gave him the answer after 55 seconds: EPA. Perry also plans to cut the EPA if he’s elected.

News of Perry’s slip-up was on five different morning talk shows the following morning. His staff called what happened to him a “human moment,” but his critics say his slip up means he’s irresponsible. Even more to the critics’ advantage, he said “oops” after he failed to name the EPA. It has become open season on Perry.