Response to the Response to the…Oh, Just Read This, Christie

The Charger Bulletin

By The Other Middle Child’s Child, Anonymous

I’m going to start this editorial by noting that I am not the same anonymous that first voiced their opinions on the Apr. 14 issue of The Charger Bulletin. I am, however, a student who will voice their concerns alongside the first anonymous.

The XE Club is one that serves an extremely important purpose here at UNH. It serves to further the mission of the university through interaction and really encourages students to participate in some of the experiential education opportunities available. This being said I think that the “responsible behavior” noted in Ms. Boronico’s response to the original editorial has left something to be desired.

For all university recognized organizations, there are certain rules and expectations that must be adhered to. In reading the original editorial, it seems to me that the author was more concerned about those not being followed by the XE Club than with gaining those freedoms for his own organization.

For me, it is a matter of all rules being followed by all organizations and one of fairness. It is not fair for one organization to be able to write messages on white boards in class rooms and write messages on sidewalks and post fliers wherever they please while the rest of the organizations on campus cannot.

It was also appalling to me when I read that Ms. Boronico advocated for the breaking of rules to prove that those rules are ineffective and “should be revisited.” What the XE Club is doing serves to only negate the efforts made by other organizations to appeal to administration to revisit the rules and change them. This is extremely frustrating for me as a student leader to see the efforts of others wasted because of the actions of one organization. Rules are rules and they are not changed by breaking them.

I also found it in poor taste for Ms. Boronico to say that the original editorial contained false information and that it was childish. The advertising methods employed by the XE Club that were mentioned in the original editorial either really did happen or there was an entire campus that had a mass-hallucination in which case we’re in trouble here. I found the metaphor of the school playground oddly fitting and accurate and this was only enhanced for me through Ms. Boronico’s response.

As for the “threat” at the end of the original editorial, I took it to be a warning against what is happening now, a warning that students will speak up against what has been done and will fight for the organizations and rules of the university. If the XE Club continues to disregard the rules as blatantly as they have thus far then students will continue to work against it.

That’s not a threat, it’s the way it is.