Response to Christie Boronico’s Response

The Charger Bulletin

By The Other Middle Child, Anonymous

In the Apr. 14th issue, an anonymous writer by the name of “The Middle Child” wrote an editorial stating his or her feelings that both the Center for Experiential Education and the XE Club seem to be the university favorites for numerous reasons. Most importantly, the middle child cited their blatant disregard for university policies when planning and putting on their events. In the following issue, Christie Boronico, the Associate Dean for Experiential Education responded to this, and although perhaps one could agree that some university policies are inadequate, I feel that she largely disregarded every single word that “The Middle Child” wrote.

How can someone read an editorial titled “Experiential Education: Golden Boy or Spoiled Brat?” and then proceed to write things such as, “it became apparent that the issue being brought to this readership is not as much about the Experiential Education Celebration marketing strategies, but rather the author’s sense that his/her club is not allowed the opportunity to act responsibly without rules and guidelines which ensure university property will not be abused. ”

Okay, so at this point, we can check off ignoring “The Middle Child’s” point, let’s move on to a new issue in Ms. Boronico’s response: stating that it is perfectly fine that Experiential Education and the XE Club broke university rules because they did so responsibly. I think what I love most about that is the fact that it MAKES NO FREAKIN’ SENSE. Isn’t it irresponsible to break a rule in the first place, particularly when the person who breaks it definitely knew that they were breaking it?

My favorite part of Ms. Boronico’s response is when she called out “The Middle Child” for writing in anonymously, and attempted to use that as a means to invalidate his or her argument. Newsflash: an irresponsible person probably doesn’t even read The Charger Bulletin, let alone write in it. Besides that, they must be a member of a responsible club/organization because that is how they know that you broke rules. Finally, she suggested that his tone was childish, particularly the closing remarks referencing a playground and recess. Are you familiar with the concept of humor and its siblings sarcasm and exaggeration?

Oh never mind, I get it now. Ms. Boronico, you can rest assured, “The Middle Child” is not amassing an army of children to retaliate.

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