Respect the Student Spaces

Joann Wolwowicz

This past week I observed a disturbing trend as I sat at club tables in Bartels throughout the week. Every day I noticed that many of the trash cans where full. Most of you probably think that the problem is that the trash cans do not get emptied nearly fast enough. That is not, however, where I am going with this. What I noticed is that the trash cans were always stuffed to the brim with cans and bottles that people threw out after they finish their beverages. Why doesn’t anyone seem to notice the recycling can which is right next to most of the trash cans in the Jazzman’s area?

The most annoying aspect of this whole situation is the laziness. Many people would rather stuff an already filled trash can with recyclables than walk a few extra steps to the recycling can to place their recyclables in there. (And when I say a few extra steps, I literally mean only about three or four in most cases.) Wouldn’t that make more sense than just throwing them out? They are there after all for a reason. However, as the week continued, my annoyance continued to grow. Not only do students on this campus throw recyclables in the trash cans, they also throw trash into the recycling cans. Numerous times I witnessed someone throw out their food or other trash into the recycling can, because the nearest trash can was too full. Honestly, do the cans need to be labeled so everyone knows what they are used for, because I thought it was self-explanatory?

Being an observant person, I also noticed that many people will stuff the trash cans to the max, and then more people will come along and attempt to put their trash in an already overflowing can. The two minutes it takes to make sure your trash is in securely in the overflowing trash can can be better spent walking over to an empty trash can a few feet away. Be respectful ladies and gentleman. You wouldn’t want to empty out a disgusting trash can that had food all along the top and was filled to the brim so that the bag won’t even close. If you wouldn’t like the job, then please do not create these situations for those who do empty out your garbage.

Along with overflowing the trash cans obnoxiously, I also notice that a few people tend to leave their trash lying around in certain places. These places include on tables, on the floor around tables, and on the floor around trash cans. It’s all a matter of respect. Clean up after yourself after you eat, and if you drop something please pick it up. If your trash falls out of the trash can, and there is only one reason that it would fall out, then pick it up and take it to another trash can. You’re in college, not elementary school. No one should have the job of cleaning up after you. It’s now your responsibility; so be responsible for yourself.

To sum up all of my annoyances for this week, let’s recap shall we. Everyone should place recyclables in the recycling can and trash in the trash can. If a trash can is too full, find another one to use. Lastly, clean up after yourself if you make a mess. In student areas, other people use the space directly after you. Be respectful of the staff that helps keep these locations clean, and be respectful of other students who use these locations.