Kat Wilberding

WEST HAVEN–Many people may not know that the RECSports
program, offered at the Campus
Rec Center
actually has existed longer than the Campus Rec building has been open.

The RECSports Program was spear-headed by Morgan Rocheleau,
Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, in the fall of last year. Though green,
the RECSports program was still the first truly organized intramural sports
program offered on campus. After a positive start in the fall, the program
launched onto the campus scene last spring with the opening of the Beckerman Recreation Center
which offered new opportunities for more sports.

The opening of the Beckerman Center
gave the RECSports program the venue for floor hockey, indoor soccer,
racquetball, dodge ball, and more. But the growth of the program didn’t stop
there. From the beginning the program offered organized divisions for various
sports. As more and more students took interest the divisions expanded. From
there the Quest for the Charger Cup was born.

At the start of the spring semester a new type of
championship was introduced to the participants of the RECSports program. But
this was no festive day of events; it was the Quest for the Charger Cup! A team
can win a league, but can they reign supreme as the ultimate champions? From
its initiation last spring, the Quest has been designed as a year-long
competition for points. Points are earned for participation and sportsmanship
in the many sports, divisions and leagues of the RECSports program.

Any team playing in a RECSports program may enter into the
Quest. The more you play the more points you accrue. Teams can even play in
different divisions for the same sport. The competition runs the length of the
school year incorporating all four seasons of sports offered by the RECSports
program. In the end which ever team has earned the most points proves
themselves the ultimate champions of all RECSports. Of course like all contests
the Quest for the Charger Cup has rules and regulations. For full details and
to see last year’s winners visit the Equipment Issue Desk in the Rec Center.

The Quest for the Charger Cup will be going on this year,
but that’s not all that is happening with RECSports. New and exciting
improvements have already been introduced this year. For the first time, there
are two leagues teams may participate in-as long as there is enough interest.
Teams can choose between Semi-Pro (which is for beginners or those playing
recreationally) and Pro (for those with more skill and a competitive streak).
Also two new divisions have been added to the sports that the RECSports program
offers. The Faculty/Staff and Grad student division is designed to give that
niche their chance at the games. As for the new Residence Hall division, here’s
the chance to prove which residence hall is the best!

RECSports has hit the ground running with this year’s
additions including the introduction of two new sports: fiddle stix and team
handball. Season One registration as already come and gone, but if you would
still like to participate you can register as a free agent by downloading the
application off of and submitting the completed
application to the Equipment Issue Desk in the Rec Center.
Don’t forget to look out for Season Two registration, coming soon. Seasons
Three and Four will come in the spring. For all the sports and the seasons in
which they are offered can be found on the website previously mentioned.

It has been one year since the RECSports program started
with one manager and four officials. A lot has changed; the program has evolved
and will continue to do so, so long as there are those who have a taste for the
amazingly fun, a thirst for the games.