Random Act of Kindness Foundation Recognizes UNH as a “Kindness University”

Emily McGinty

The University of New Haven is now recognized as a Kindness University by the Random Act of Kindness Foundation, all thanks to Miss University of New Haven Lindsay Bugryn.

Miss University of New Haven Lindsay Bugryn

UNH is one of only three Kindness Universities in Connecticut, joining Eastern Connecticut State and the University of Connecticut.

Bugryn is a senior at UNH and can be seen at many events on campus. She is the executive assistant for 5678 Dance Team, the secretary for Communications Club, was a member of the Welcome Wagon for two years and she has filmed many Charger football games. Bugryn is also involved in the West Haven Community. She is in the process of bringing her platform of Random Acts of Kindness to West Haven High School. This program would include writing letters to soldiers and making paper flowers to hand out in the community.

Bugryn has been involved with the Miss America Scholarship Organization since age 13. She said the organization allowed her to meet so many helpful people and meet some of her best friends. Being in the Miss America Organization is not all about parades or knowing how to wave; it focuses on scholarship, style, success and service. Bugryn has to be conscious that all her paperwork is on time; she does mock interviews and is learning a new tap dance for her talent.

However, Bugryn does get to have some fun. She recently got to have breakfast with the Easter Bunny and be in an episode of MTV Made. She is also been working hard on her platform of Random Acts of Kindness.

Random Acts of Kindness is an internationally recognized nonprofit organization. The foundation’s purpose is to encourage individuals to perform random acts of kindness on a daily basis. The foundation also provides resources, tools, stories and ideas on random acts of kindness.

Bugryn’s interest and dedication to this organization stems from her experience receiving a Random Act of Kindness. She believes something small can make someone’s day much better. She hopes to educate people on how simple an act can be and how much of an impact can be made by such a simple action. Some examples of random acts of kindness are smiling, holding the door for someone, letting someone else take the parking spot you see or helping someone with a homework assignment. The purpose of these activities is just to make someone’s day a little bit better.

Bugryn hopes to reach all members of the University. She believes “kindness can bring the University together as one and make the friendly reputation of the school even better.” In order to spread her platform to the whole university, Bugryn will be hosting some events on campus. One will be a time and place for students to write a letter to soldiers. These letters are a great example of a random act of kindness because a letter is simple and it can spread smiles to soldiers and troops all over the world. Bugryn will also be handing out paper flowers with Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) cards. If you receive a flower, you should perform a Random Act of Kindness and then pass the card along. This will hopefully create a chain and link the University together.

Be sure to look out for the RAK cards. Also, if you have received a Random Act of Kindness or if you perform one, go to Bugryn’s Facebook page and share your story. The page also contains ideas and quotations to help encourage you to perform a random act of kindness.