Push Play at Toad’s Place

Zach Gzehoviak

Quite a few females between the age of 18 and 25 have probably sat around, eating popcorn, wishing, and staring: “(sigh) it’s a shame, those Jonas Brothers are so adorable and innocent.  I’d totally be obsessed if they were older.” Well ladies, Push Play might be for you. Hailing from Long Island, New York, this band seems destined for the “TRL” stardom we all witnessed in middle school. I spoke on the phone with Steve (vocals/guitar) of Push Play to discuss the release of their new album and the upcoming show at Toad’s Place.

Push Play will play Toad's on Oct. 21
Push Play will play Toad's on Oct. 21

First, I asked about the album release: “So I’m on your Myspace Steve. Your new album entitled Found was just released.  How are you feeling about that?”  Steve proceeded to explain that the band has received a great reaction from its fans: thousands of people seem to be enjoying their music and their fame has become almost surreal.

I proceeded to ask Steve more about the band.  He told me that they had only been around for three years and, surprised, I continued, “Wow, that’s impressive.  I had a band for three years and I certainly did not get this sort of attention.  What musical artist would you say has most inspired your music?”

“Well, I’d say Muse,” Steve answered. I was not surprised by this answer.  Nearly all of the instruments used on the new album have a very electronic sound. If I had to classify Push Play, they would be a mix between Muse and Maroon 5, with a hint of boy band. The group is talented, yet requires a pop ear in my opinion.

The band will be performing at Toad’s Place on Wednesday, Oct. 21 with Weatherstar.  The band will definitely be putting on a good show. But hey, to all guys on campus, even if you don’t enjoy their music, a large amount of women will be in the crowd screaming for “Steve” or “CJ.”  Go with a date and talk about how you’ve started playing guitar and singing, or just how plain awesome you are.  Never know!