Your Professor Doesn’t Care if You Show Up

Your Professor Doesnt Care if You Show Up

Universities across the globe differ in attendance policies. At the University of New Haven, it’s four absences, and you’re out. To some (most) students, this policy is unfair, cruel, biased… the list goes on. But truthfully, your professor most likely doesn’t care if you show up and do your work or not. In the end, you end up with a botched grade, not your professor.

Let’s put things into perspective: Your professor has a chunk of other students that he/she must deal with. They have a to-do list that takes them as long to finish, if not longer, than your homework, so, they cannot sit there and wonder if you’re doing your part or coming to class tomorrow.

According to Student Loan Hero, the average cost per credit hour is $594. For public four year colleges, it costs $345, and for private four year colleges, we’re looking at $1,039. If you’re skipping class or slacking on your work, you are only causing yourself (and your parents’ pocket) damage.

My guess is that your professor will only be bothered by you for not having a valid excuse for missing out on class, then going to her/him to catch up on your laziness.

If you have a valid excuse and let your professor know a week or two in advance, then your professor should mark you as exempt from the class for the day, as well as from the work you missed during said class. Some professors will mark you as absent, but they won’t hate you as much since you let them know in advance.

Every student is bound to miss one or two classes per semester for valid reasons. You could be sick, you could have a family emergency, and so on. But is it fair for attendance to be a part of your final grade, especially if you are dealing with illness or other urgencies?

Grades should indicate student progress and their understanding of course material, not how often a student decides to roll into class. Personally, I am not one to skip class. Doing so only increases anxiety and adds a whole new stress level to my life. Why would I skip class only to have to make up the work later in order to pass the class?

Needless to say – go to class, kids. The University holds a fairly strict attendance policy, which can lead to an entire letter off of your final grade, if that’s how your professor chooses to grade.