President’s Corner

James Kielar

Hello Chargers!

I’m sure you’re all very excited for Spring Break! You’ve worked hard and deserve it. While on break, rest, sleep, play with your pets (because we all know you miss them the most), and do whatever you want. Spring Break is for YOU, so seize the day!

Be sure to vote this week for your future USGA leaders! Voting is March 8 to March 10. There will be polling stations in Bartels, FOD, and the Library. Additionally, you will receive a ballot in your email if you don’t make it to any of the polling stations. Last year we had about a ¼ voter turnout, this year we’re pushing for 1/3. Ambitious, I know. But here at UNH we strive for excellence, so please help us reach our goal. Every voter will be entered into a drawing to win awesome prizes. So cool, right?

Have a great Spring Break, vote for who you think would lead the undergraduates fairly and efficiently, and keep being awesome!

James Kielar
USGA President