Police Continue the Search for Escaped Inmate

Katherine Lavoie

After capturing one, Florida police are still on the look out for the inmate who broke out of a maximum-security prison on Oct. 24.

Police are still seeking Rondell Reed, 52, after he and Leviticus Taylor, 25, escaped from Indian River County Jail. Taylor was captured a mere 15 hours after they were both discovered missing during a routine head count that morning. Reed’s whereabouts still remain unknown.

Angela Pike, a 35-year-old Atlantic City resident, was arrested as well as an unidentified second woman as an accomplice to their escape. One of the women is believed to be Taylor’s girlfriend, who drove Taylor to Stuart, a town about 35 miles south of the jail, where Taylor was actually captured.

According to Indian River Sheriff Deryl Loar, Reed and Taylor were cellmates for five days when they escaped. They made use of the jail’s air-conditioning system and used clothing or blankets to help scale the multiple razor-wire-topped fences. Both of their jumpsuits were found in the service area during the search of the jail.

Sheriff’s records indicate that Taylor was convicted of a murder in 2009 during a home burglary. Reed was awaiting trial in connection to the murder of his sister’s boyfriend, as well as theft of the victim’s vehicle. Reed also escaped from a North Carolina prison more than 20 years ago.

Reed is considered to be “very dangerous,” although authorities do not know if he is currently armed. He has multiple tattoos on his arms and body. Up to $1,000 is being offered for information leading to his arrest.