Organization Spotlight

Elizabeth Field


The Elm City Review is an organization at the Unviersity of New Haven, under the English Department, whose goal is to spread the importance of literature and other creative works throughout the UNH campus. We accomplish this goal by publishing a magazine that is filled with music, art, photography, drawings, poems and short stories that are submitted by the students from the University of New Haven.

We try to keep busy around the UNH campus in many ways. Each of these events not only promotes The Elm City Review but they help the students in all ideals that The Elm City Review represents. Examples of events include: workshops, game nights, writing events, movie nights and much more! We also co-sponsor events with the English department, most notably, the Arts @ Night series, which brings poets, authors and other literary figures to campus for readings and presentations. During our meetings, we also encourage members to bring their favorite pieces of poetry or photography to share with the group.

The Elm City Review produces a fall and spring literary magazine every school year. This magazine is edited, organized, and selected by the members of the Elm City review. All of the members have a hand in the process of making the magazine. This includes the reading of submissions, editing, distributing the magazine to the UNH students, and, of course, having fun!

Members of the Elm City review will also help in the distribution, advertisement and publicity of the literary magazine.

This is the most rewarding and critical part of the club. Everyone is involved and has a part of the process until the end! If you want to join the Elm City Review or are interested in submitting for the fall magazine, please contact [email protected] for more information.