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Paranormal Investigation & Research Organization (P.I.R.O)

P.I.R.O., or Paranormal Investigation & Research Organization, is a club dedicated to interest in the paranormal. Our goals are to educate people about the paranormal and to continually educate ourselves about it as well. We have weekly discussion topics on the paranormal and we maintain our own paranormal investigation team.

Join us at our weekly discussions to hear about paranormal topics from famous hauntings, to aliens/UFOs, to cryptozoology. Join us for our many events throughout the year such as Paranormal Jeopardy, Clue Hunts, May Day and Divination Faires. We also have an annual Paranormal Awareness Week around Halloween.

Everyone is welcome to stop by any of our meetings, and we are available for cosponsorship opportunities.

Our meetings are Wednesdays at 10 p.m. You can email the club at [email protected] for more information.

During this year’s Paranormal Awareness Week, we had many events held on campus. On Sunday, Oct. 28, we had our trip to Salem, Mass.

On Monday, Oct. 29, we had our Horrorfest, on Tuesday, Oct. 30, we had our Divination Faire, and on Halloween, we had a Harvest festival in the Programming Space at 7 p.m.