Occupy New Haven Coming Apart

Vanessa Estime

According to the New Haven Register, it looks as if Occupy New Haven is ending its almost six month encampment at the New Haven Green. Despite no official termination, a few members of Occupy New Haven said the movement was starting to close.

The Occupy movement erected last October is not the same movement that is now taking down its tents and tarps. The Register reported that Matt Osborne said the movement was made up of “20 percent infiltrators, 20 percent tourists, 20 percent aberrant people, 20 percent unemployed people working for change, and 20 percent semi-professional, professional organizers.”

In the past few weeks, Occupy New Haven has been confronted with serious problems – alcohol and drug abuse, reported assault on the Upper Green and, overall, increased crime. It was stated the while all these issues abounded, the “leaders” of the demonstration—Ben Aubin, Tommy Doomsday, and Josh Heltke—no longer reside at the site. Even though Aubin is no longer living there, he mentioned that “the camp is an essential part of the Occupy movement.”

Also, in a surprising move, two members of Occupy New Haven were kicked out of the movement. Suarez and Jennifer Lopez were both kicked off the Green last week and in November, respectively, after being told their behaviour was unacceptable by other Occupiers. Now, Lopez is siding with the City of New Haven on the stance that the whole Occupy movement should evacuate. She wrote and released a letter describing her stance. She says, “It is been my understanding that this is a movement about peace. A movement about correcting a failing political system, corrupted banks and our drastically increasing homeless population. Not a movement of popularity, judgment, rumours, and false accusations.”

The latest news from NBC Connecticut report is that the demonstration will be able to last until April 9 due to a 10-day reprieve from a federal judge.