Nightwing on the Silverscreen?

Scott Iwaniec

Biting into a ghost chili pepper would only give you a flare of the wildfire that swept the internet over the past two weeks.

AP Photo
AP Photo

Supposedly, Latino Review reports a “very trusted source” has given them information that Dick Grayson, AKA Nightwing is being casted in the upcoming, and highly anticipated, Batman vs. Superman in 2015.

For those of you who didn’t watch Teen Titans growing up, Nightwing is Robin after he’s grown up beyond the wingspan of the Dark Knight. For years Nightwing has been a signature fan favorite of the DC Comic universe. Supposedly, Adam Driver from the HBO series Girls, is in talks to play him, as well as another anonymous individual.

By no means is this fact. This was not confirmed by Warner Brothers, so why am I talking about it? Well, many reliable sites and sources are running with this article. If it was just one, I would ignore it, but when multiple, highly respected sources are talking about this, it only adds solidity to the fact that WB never denied it.

For the most part the fan base has been pretty excited about this news. Once again, Nightwing is a huge fan favorite and was never featured in live action before. Just the idea of him appearing in a summer block buster is exciting, especially for me. However, I don’t exactly like this in the big picture. Let’s glance at the road map: WB is trying to bring us a Justice League cinematic universe just like the Avengers. Why are they starting with Nightwing when they still don’t have the highly demanding Flash and Wonder Woman off the ground yet (Story for another time but, supposedly those two will make appearances in the film as well).

Also, Nighwing isn’t even in the Justice League, or at least not in the immediate line up. I even say forget all additional members of the Justice League for this movie. We have never seen Batman and Superman have a conversation on the big screen before, and this movie should focus solely on that. It’s such a delicate and important event that it needs all the attention it deserves. If I were WB, I wouldn’t even think about adding in more members to a film until this one was done well—learn from Marvel and take your time.