My New Haven Story


The University of New Haven is a beautiful addition to its surrounding location. I’m from Maryland, which Connecticut blows out of the water in beauty. When I first visited the University in the fall of 2016, it was on a whim to get high school credit.


The moment I stepped onto the campus I was blown away. Everything looked so elegant and beautiful. I knew right then that this is where I was going to college. I could see myself walking to classes, chilling in my dorm, hanging out with friends. It was the first college that gave me that feeling. I thought that “finding the one” feeling was just something people said, but it’s not, and it’s amazing.


As I was touring the campus and heard about all the great resources they had, I thought about how successful I could be here. I thought about how if I was struggling I could find a tutor for help. If I was bored there’s so many clubs on campus that I could join. The fact that if I didn’t understand something in class the professors wouldn’t look down on you if you asked questions. So many things that made me see that this was the perfect place for me. I didn’t want to leave.


The minute I got home I hopped online and finished my application in one sitting. Around the mid-November I got my acceptance call. I was ecstatic – I immediately called my mom and my best friend. When I got to work I told everyone. When my official letter came in the mail, I took it with me everywhere for a month and as graduation approached all I could think about was move-in day. I watched so many dorm tours, dorm hauls, and move-in vlogs. I was going crazy.


I was so in love with the school, I went every chance I got. I went to three accepted students days, going to three different programs: theatre, since it was my planned minor, marching band, because music and band is half of my life, if not more, and marine biology being my planned major. I stayed in the Marine Biology LLC for my Charger Day and went to classes the next day. Being on campus made me picture how I was setting up my room and my journey to and from classes.


I didn’t regret my decision one bit.


After S.O.A.R. we got our bill, and I hit into a road block. With the high price of attendance and to move in, I could not find a loan anywhere. Though, the start of my college journey may be slightly delayed, you can bet I’ll be here in the spring. I’m doing everything in my power to get here in the fall, and if I don’t, of course, I’ll be upset for a while, but I know that I’ll be here in January.


Nothing will change my love for the University – ever.