New Commuter Meal Plan Makes Food More Accessible to All Students

Riley Knebes

Starting this spring semester, two new meal plan options are available for commuter students at the University of New Haven.
The first plan, called Udine385, includes $385 Dining Dollars and 20 meal swipes. The total cost per semester is $560.

The second plan, called Udine560, includes $560 Dining Dollars and 40 meal swipes. The total cost per semester is $950.

Both plans come with a bonus of 5 and 10 guest meal passes respectively.   This way, students can invite family or friends to eat at The Marketplace or FoD.
Creating a commuter meal plan is something that UNH has been wanting to do for a while now, according to Jennifer Guillotte, marketing specialist.
Part of the reason that the commuter meal plan has been added is to make it easy for everyone to eat, not just those living on campus.
Sodexo and UNH started collaborating about different options for the meal plan last December. The final decision happened before the new spring semester, making it available when students returned from winter break.
Kimara Walker, current sophomore and soon-to-be commuter student said that the meal plan “seems like a really good idea,” and that “this is great for those that want to get a quick bite to eat.”
UNH now has six total meal plan options for the growing needs of the University students.
The open enrollment period for the spring semester closed on Jan. 29, but it isn’t too early to be thinking about your meal plan for the fall semester.
“It’s nice to have the opportunity to have a meal plan while not living directly on campus. To be able to find food more accessible than just packing food for the day, especially after a long day of classes and sports practice,” said Rob Flanigan, Savin Court resident.