New app rewards your entertainment fix

Ashley Winward

At the end of a long and productive day, many want to just kick back and relax with some music or their favorite television show. Now, thanks to the new app Viggle, users can use this time to be productive as well, earning points to receive prizes and discounts at a wide variety of stores. By tuning in to Viggle while you tune in to your favorite source of entertainment, you can treat yourself in more ways than one!

Viggle is an entertainment rewards program that encourages its users to explore new music and stay loyal to their favorite shows. By “checking in” with a song or TV show, you can earn points that can be redeemed in the rewards store. The interface of the app looks very similar to the app Shazam (for when you can’t figure out the name of that song playing) and requires only one tap of the button for the app to begin recognizing what is playing. There is a switch to shift to either “TV” or “Music” but from there the app really takes over.

You earn points from logging in a new song, watching a television program or participating in surveys or watching commercial ads. You could even earn trivia for bonus points when watching a TV show.

Depending on the week certain high profile shows, such as The Bachelor, have had point multipliers attached to their viewer points as well.

These points can be used in the rewards store for a wide variety of deals and products. You can make entertainment purchases, such as ebooks, movies and music that can be synced onto your device and later into your computer.

You can also use your points for products such as Viggle sponsored merchandise or other products from technology to health care or kitchen items. There are even options to enter sweepstakes, receive coupons, earn gift cards or give charitable donations all from the comfort of your couch. With so much to gain, what is there to lose? You can pick up the app for free through either the app store or play store and start earning points now! Happy listening!