Networking App QuickQast Created by Students For Students

Alyssa MacKinnon

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Afraz Siddiqui is a sophomore business management major from Monroe Township, New Jersey who, along with Jesse Singh, a junior marketing major, from Los Angeles, California, worked together to create and maintain a new application for mobile devices called QuickQast.

The app is used to anonymously share pictures to other students around you in an instant.

QuickQast even allows you to caption your photos (to detail what the mystery meat you’re having really tastes like or show what that seagull just did on your shirt).

“QuickQast allows a conversation to happen about the event,” said Singh.

Siddiqui’s interest in coding originally began in hacking. He was pretty young, about eight or nine, when he started learning programming code from watching YouTube or Googling what he needed to learn. Completely self-taught, this legally blind SAE powerhouse has sold some of his code creations.

Using marketing strategies, like concentrated social media presence on various platforms, press coverage, and charming networking, the marketing team is doing an excellent job to get the word out about QuickQast.

Similar applications currently competing in the anonymous picture sharing business like Unseen and the now bankrupt Fade lack the aesthetic and ease of this app. Other platforms are lacking the ability to go back or to view for an extended period (like someone with vision issues may need). Running into many of the same issues that billion dollar corporation Snapchat has dealt with, these two boys and their newly appointed graduate student accountant Jenny Lam, have truly shown an exemplary model of tenacious ambition.

Many people worry with anonymous photo apps that bullying or harassment are an issue but the images posted on QuickQast are really speak to something for the community and the content is quality due to community voting which helps get rid of unwanted posts.

Some popular and noteworthy features to be aware of include filters, caption and an option to add comments on photos. The app also has the ability to select from your camera roll or live post to your feed, and with how quickly the app functions you’re never going to miss that epic moment. You can choose to view the photos one at a time or as a patchwork of snapshots. To vote on a photo, simply slide to down to downvote and up to upvote, this helps to show the trending happenings on campus.

QuickQast also has a feature that helps connect campuses across the globe by having a “reqast” option which is very much like retweeting something on Twitter. If a University or big upcoming event you want to peek on isn’t listed, submit it to so it can be added to the growing list connected with QuickQast. The trio sees the app going far, and are currently working on an ID finger swipe lock for your pictures so only you can post your pictures.

Read more about the founders of QuickQast on, and download the app today in the app store (not yet available for google play) and check out their youtube page!

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Networking App QuickQast Created by Students For Students