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MLK, Jr. Re-Examination

Ashley Bogdanski

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On Tuesday Dec. 1, Robert Hathaway came to UNH to speak to students. Robert Hathaway is a retired 22 year Connecticut cop and now works at the Rhode Island crime lab. Hathaway is a 35 year expert in fire arms identification. In 1997, Mr. Hathaway got asked to look at a private case at Rhode Island University. At first the subject of his case was unknown, but he was finally told that he would be re-examining the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination by the request of the defense attorney in Memphis, Tennessee. Robert Hathaway had two more people brought in to re-examine the firearms evidence in the case, George F. Reich, from New York, and Marshall K. Robinson, from Connecticut, who are both highly recognized in the Association of Firearms and Tool Marks. The evidence was sent to the Rhode Island University crime lab by the Memphis judge. The evidence was kept under constant supervision.

Throughout the presentation Mr. Hathaway informed the students who listened to every word about the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination. We learned from the presentation many facts that are a little questionable as to what really happened. For example, there was brush outside of the house from where the supposed shot came from, and the next day the brush was cleared away. Overall the presentation was very informational to all of the up and coming forensic science and criminal justice majors.

Robert Hathaway ended with a quote that he always tells all of the students.

“Keep eyes and ears open.”

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MLK, Jr. Re-Examination