McMahon Meet and Greet at Branford HQ Highlights Jobs Plan

Liana Teixeira

Linda McMahon, the Republican candidate for the United States Senate, spoke to supporters on Wednesday, Sept. 12, at the grand opening of her newest campaign headquarters in Branford, Conn.

McMahon’s speech focused mainly on her six-point jobs plan to revive the economy and put Americans back to work.

Guests in attendance ranged from young children to elderly citizens, as well as campaign volunteers and interns. Prior to McMahon’s arrival, attendees helped themselves to a wide selection of refreshments as they mingled with other local residents inside and outside the location.

Upon McMahon’s arrival, however, elbow room within the building became noticeably scarce as guests formed a tight semi-circle around McMahon, who publically addressed the group.

The speech focused mainly on her six-point jobs plan to revive the economy and put Americans back to work. These points include passing a middle-class tax cut, eliminating over-regulation to improve job creation, stopping “out-of-control” government spending and borrowing, providing the unemployed with the proper training and skills needed to fill available jobs, and moving toward developing alternative American energy resources.

McMahon proposes to cut the middle class tax rate from 25 percent to 15 percent, which would subsequently lead to the elimination of the capital gains tax for the middle class as well.

“It’s really important what we’re doing. We’re getting our message out; we’re talking about my six-point job plan, and it’s really resonating with folks,” she said.

McMahon continued to highlight the remaining elements of her plan, most notably the creation of jobs in both Connecticut and the nation.

“I am a proven job creator,” she said. “I built a business from the ground up. I’ve had successes and failures along the way. I get what it’s like when I talk to people around our state about losing their home or losing their job.”

Her jobs plan would also include a tax reduction on businesses and entrepreneurs, and the elimination of corporate tax credits. By teaching the necessary job skills to the American workforce, McMahon anticipates an accelerated employment rate in the country.

McMahon did not hesitate in comparing the six-point plan to the ideas of Democrat Chris Murphy, her opponent in the upcoming November election. “My opponent, Congressman Murphy says that his plan is a work in progress. Well, I think the folks in Connecticut want action,” McMahon said.

If elected, McMahon’s plan also calls for an increase in the tax deductions on student loans. While it is unclear how soon that topic would reach the legislative agenda, McMahon sat down with The Charger Bulletin to discuss the impact that her proposed plan would have on college students seeking jobs after graduation.

“I really would hope that every young person who would like to go to college, and could be successful coming out of college, has an opportunity to go,” she said.

She continued, “The first and foremost thing we have to go to do is to get our folks back to work, so that these folks who are graduating from college have jobs and have a place to work so they can repay their student loans, so they can start their lives.”

McMahon has been travelling across Connecticut this past year, and the one thing she found was manufacturing companies with job openings, but no skilled workforce to fill those openings.

“I really do think that we are not addressing the right kind of training and curriculum at our vocational schools and our technical schools to fill these jobs. And so I think that we can’t lose sight of the fact that a skilled labor force really grows the economy, and they’re really good-paying jobs you can support your family with…that’s what I hope to see.”

With the opening of the Branford headquarters, McMahon hopes to reach voters from both ends of the political spectrum. “We try to really pick out good strategic locations all over the state and in each district, so Branford is very important for us. We have a good base here to have good volunteers,” she said.

One such volunteer is Toni Cietanno of East Haven, who considers herself a “super volunteer.” As a volunteer, she has worked at the North Haven, Farmington and East Lyme headquarters, among others. Cietanno has made thousands of phone calls and knocked on doors in support of the McMahon for Senate. “It’s very, very exciting,” she said.

Carol Teodosio, the recording secretary for the Hamden Republican Town Committee, has been volunteering for McMahon since her first race for the Senate back in 2010.

“I support everything Linda does,” Teodosio said. “She’s a strong woman.”

Hundreds of volunteers assist with the operations of McMahons Senate campaign. According to McMahon, her team has already knocked on over 400,000 doors, reaching out to Connecticut residents.

“That’s an unbelievable effort,” she said.

It is no stretch to say that politicians often make promises during campaigns which may not always be fulfilled once elected to office. This is a logical and realistic aspect of any election. McMahon openly acknowledged this reality at the Wednesday meet-and-greet, stating that she could obviously not guarantee success on each and every issue presented in her plan.

“But I will guarantee you 110 percent effort,” she concluded.