Mark Nizer: 3D Light Show and More

Michelle R Morra

On Thursday, October 27 in the German Club, there were all sorts of lights and noises coming from inside. The performer, Mark Nizer, was showing off some very unique skills and presenting a show never seen before on campus.  Everyone that came was amazed that anyone could do something so cool.

Nizer is mainly a juggler, but he always adds a little flair and unique style to his juggling, which makes the show even more special to watch.  He did not just juggle three balls; he flipped under his legs and behind his back, spun around, and more, and was still able to catch the balls!  He started his show off with a joke where he threw two balls in the air and just moved the third ball around with his other hand.

His show wasn’t just unique because he juggled some basic balls; he added some items that you normally wouldn’t associate with a juggler. He played the piano by first using three balls, then five, and throwing them at the ground and pressing notes on an instrument that he created himself.  It was pretty cool, because he ended up fighting with his computer! It sounds weird, but it ended up being really great.

Juggling wasn’t his only talent; he also created a unique program where he could play around with some lights and create 3D effects. That meant that students got to wear 3D glasses, and the effects were so cool. All the hard work that Nizer put into his really paid off.  He created and controlled the lights with his computer, and then when he added glow in the dark rings that he juggled, the effects were great, and students couldn’t keep their eyes off the show.

Nizer did some other really cool tricks, but the one that really amazed the crowd was when he juggled with his mouth!  He put five ping pong in his mouth and first started by just spitting two in the air at a time but then students could see three balls, then four, and finally five.  It was really fantastic.

By reading this article you may not think that the show was impressive, but Mark Nizer is very talented and put on fantastic show for the university.  All the students that came were amazed and enjoyed the show. Stay tuned for more shows from SCOPE.