Mark and Brother Jay McGwire Cut Ties

Tom Chieppo

Mark McGwire, saddened about his estranged brother Jay McGwire writing a steroid book about Mac’s performance-enhancing drug use, reiterated his claim that he didn’t use PED’s for health injuries.

Reconciliation isn’t possible for Mark at this point, as he feels that Jay has betrayed his trust. “I don’t plan on ever seeing him again,” said McGwire, the new hitting coach for the St.Louis Cardinals.

The book, Mark and Me, is about the worst kept secret in baseball. Mark McGwire’s steroid drug use back in 1994 with the Oakland Athletics and his time as a St. Louis Cardinal slugger is highlighted heavily. The publication for this book is scheduled for Monday by TriumphBooks.

McGwire admitted that he took steroids and HGH in the early 1990’s for health injuries, not for strength purposes. He feels that he could have hit 583 homers (8th all time) if he didn’t use PED’s.

Jay McGwire talks in the book about how he persuaded McGwire back in 1994 and set him up with a supplier. He says that Mark used an array of drugs back in 1996, including Deca-Durabolin, human growth hormone, Dianabol, Winstrol, and Primobolan. McGwire later used androstenedione, a steroid precursor that wasn’t banned until 2004.

“You try to be a good person and take care of somebody and be a good brother,” said McGwire, according to Yahoo Sports, “It’s a sad day for me and my family. He tried to do something to sell a book. I don’t know how a family member can do something like that. It’s kind of sad as a brother what he has done. I will move on from it.”

Steroids will be something that Mark McGwire cannot get passed for the rest of his career as a hitting coach and a family man. There will always be more questions regarding the book Mark and Me, but will we know all the answers regarding Mark’s steroid use?  Right now it remains doubtful and the relationship that Mark and Jay McGwire have for each other will never be repaired. Over 16 seasons, McGwire averaged .263, had 1414 RBI’s and hit 583 homeruns.  A candidate for Cooperstown. now faces oppoisition.