March Madness Surprises

Amanda Doerr

The NCAA March Madness Tournament is in full swing. People all usual feel pretty confident with their brackets in the first round. However, as expected, there will still always be some upsets and surprises.

One of the teams continuing to surprise us all is the underdog VCU who has been dominating the court. As an 11 seed, VCU was one of the bubble teams who made it into the tournament. VCU was able to play and beat Georgetown, a 6 seed, then Purdue, a 3 seed. The Florida State v. VCU game was a great effort on both sides, but VCU was able to take the win by one point. VCU is definitely looking amazing this year and will hopefully continue on to the next round. It is always nice to see the underdog go far in these tournaments.

Another upset was the Morehead win over Louisville. Morehead went on to lose to Richmond by 17, and Richmond went on to lose to Kansas in the next round. The Kansas game against VCU should be a really great game. As for Butler, their one point win over Pitt was quite an upset and a detriment to so many people’s brackets. Butler’s next game against Florida will be a tough one, especially with the injury of Andrew Smith. Overall Florida has a better and more consistent team and will definitely be able to knock Butler out of the tournament.

As for Marquette, they were able to take out Xavier and then Syracuse. However, they were not able to outplay UNC. A big upset aside from the Duke and ND loss was the Ohio game against Kentucky. Ohio is definitely an exceptional team and has the ability and team power to move on to the next round. However, Kentucky was able to divide and conquer, and they will be moving on to the Elite Eight against UNC.

UConn is moving on to the Elite Eight, and Kemba is looking phenomenal as usual. Arizona has managed to knock off Duke so they will be facing UConn in this round. UConn’s team skill and cohesiveness will be the key to taking them forward to the Final Four.

As of now there is a lone 1 seed left in this tournament. Will Kansas, the only 1 seed remaining, be able to withstand the power and exceptional offense of the underdog? Can Kentucky outplay UNC, a 2 seed team? Will the good old UConn Huskies be able to make it to the Final Four? Can Butler compete against Florida? Everyone tune in for the exciting results and good luck with your brackets! Check out the Amarie Sports Chat Fanatic Channel on YouTube for more sports news.