March Madness Brings Unusual Terms to Spotlight

Erin Ennis

The 2010 March Madness Final Four is unusual at best. Michigan State, West Virginia, Butler, and Duke will come together this week in one of the last stages of the NCAA divisional games. Expected to bring in tons of fans and an unusually high at-home viewing audience, this year’s Final Four is sure to be exciting.

Butler, a small school of approximately 4,500, best known for playing in the same gym that the movie Hoosiers was filmed, will take on Michigan State Saturday. While Butler has never been to the Final Four match up, Michigan State has traveled to the big game a total of six times, with this trip being the most unexpected. Both Butler and Michigan State are fifth seed teams, an unprecedented event in March Madness. While, for some, this suggests a reseeding of the brackets, for many this is just a case of underdogs triumphing. Networks are using the game to push the idea of teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship in the NCAA.

West Virginia, which is making its first debut in the Final Four playoffs since 1959 will face Duke University, a long time favorite, who has only missed the Final Four for a small six years. Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski has been a part of Final Four 11 times and is no stranger to the intensity and emotions that come with college basketball playoffs. West Virginia’s Mountaineers toppled number one seed Kentucky last week in order to make it into the Final Four, bringing with it intense spotlight and unusual curiosity.

Unlike many years, this year’s Final Four teams include no number one teams. Number one seed Kansas was eliminated in the first weekend by number nine seed Northern Iowa, number two seed Ohio State was taken out by Tennessee, and the number three seed Georgetown lost early to Ohio.

The Butler Bulldogs will be the first team since 1972 to play a Final Four game at home, which has seen 24 straight winning games from this unexpected March Madness powerhouse.

Can Butler bring more wins to the stadium and secure the title? Many feel as if Duke has the championship in the bag due to experience, but the sheer amount of underdog triumphing seems to say otherwise. Make sure to watch the Final Four March Madness coverage this weekend to stay up-to-date.