Man Jailed After Filming Himself Speeding

Liz De La Torre

Of all the things artist extraordinaire Andy Warhol has accomplished in his lifetime, his singular most celebrated work is perhaps his famous adage of being popular for only however long the world is interested: “In the future, everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes.”

On Feb. 12, Stanislav Vadimovich Bakanov of Portland, Oregon tested that theory, holding the spotlight for an antic that still seems to dazzle the world even today.

Stopped at 118 miles per hour, Bakanov was arrested and subsequently jailed after he was caught filming the speedometer of his black 2005 BMW. When he was pulled over by Sheriff Deputy Ryan Postlewait, he allegedly said that he was looking to post the video of his speeding as well as his arrest on YouTube.

Postlewait seized Bakanov’s video as evidence, which later revealed that he had reached speeds well beyond 140 miles per hour. Held at Marion County Jail, he was charged with speeding and reckless driving. Authorities maintain this is his third speeding episode within the last year.