Mac Miller Gone too Soon at 26

By far one of the  hardest things I have had to do is hear the words “Mac is gone.” My friend, Muhammad, called me to ask if I’d heard the news. I went to Google to check, as if it was a sick joke. And then I dropped my phone with my hands on my head. I didn’t want to believe the young man who  gave us amazing albums such as Kids, BDE, FACES and Macadelic was gone.

I was at work extremely choked up, and finishing the rest of my shift was difficult. Most people in my generation were too young to witness Biggie or Tupac’s death. But we all heard about it and felt as if we were a part of it. The death of Michael Jackson made the world stop.

The difference with Mac Miller’s death is that this was one of our own. Mac’s music captures a time of excitement, fear and confusion filled with social media and memes. If there was ever a bridge, Mac Miller’s music was that bridge.

“Enjoy the best things in your life/ ’cause you ain’t gonna live it twice/ They say you waste time asleep but I’m just trying to dream,” Mac Miller, “Senior Skip Day”

Mac’s music represents the dreamers, the doers, and the achievers. The first time I heard Mac Miller, I was in my final year of prep school. A kid named G would play the song “ Good evening.” I remember hearing that voice  and thinking, ‘Who is this black dude?’ From that day, I was a fan. A bunch of us at school even waited counting down the hours for Mac Miller to drop his second mixtape, Best Day Ever.  The 16-track tape included — ironically —  “Donald Trump,” and it was some of Mac’s best work. That song blew up but the songs that were truly amazing , heartfelt and highlighted what Mac’s music meant are songs such as “Get Up,” “Wear My Hat,” and “Keep Floating.” Mac was journaling a lot of emotion and bliss that the rest of us were going through from depression to school work and the stress of moving from being a kid to an adult.

Police say he died from an apparent overdose.The details seem murky but we will find out. Mac struggled with drug use. While making his album “GO:OD am,” he talks about his problems with addiction and needing help.

“Cause I’m speedin’ with a blindfold on and won’t be long/ ‘til they watching me crash/ And they don’t wanna see that/ They don’t want me to OD and have to talk to my mother/ Telling her they could have done more to help me/And she’ll be crying saying that she’ll do anything to have me back”- Mac Miller “Perfect Circle/God Speed”

His most recent album was the happiest album of his career.

Malcolm McCormick, known as Mac Miller, will be loved by his family, and his friends, but his music and the effect it had on a generation who searches for love and constant gratification will always be remembered. Mac was an amazing talent. His death should not only highlight depression and addiction,  it should be a calling card for us all to ask, ‘What have I done to help others? And what can I do to inspire others?’ If there’s one thing Mac Miller should be remembered for, it’s his ability to inspire others.