Lucy Hale Stars In New Drama “Life Sentence”


Lauren Cohen, Staff Writer

Lucy Hale stars in the CW’s new show, Life Sentence, which aired on Wednesday (March 7). The show follows Hale’s character Stella as she has to adjust to her new life cured of terminal cancer. Living everyday like it was her last she was not prepared for the good news of having a second chance at life.

“I think Stella is such an important character. She’s someone that I want to aspire to be more like. She’s really smart, she’s just ultimately a girl who gets a second chance at life and is trying to figure out who she is and who she wants to be,” Hale said in an interview with Variety.

Hale is best known for her role in Pretty Little Liars, which ended last year. Starring alongside Hale is Elliot Knight who plays Stella’s husband Wes. Stella’s two siblings, Aiden and Elizabeth are played by Jayson Blair and Brooke Lyons. Blair is best known for his role in Freeforms Young & Hungry, and Lyons is best known for her role in 2 Broke Girls. Stella’s parents Ida and Paul are played by Gillian Vigman and Dylan Walsh. Vigman is best known for her role in The Hangover movie series, while Walsh is best known for his role in Nip/Tuck.

In the pilot, viewers see flashbacks of  how Stella met Wes, along with the ups and downs of eight years of cancer. Stella and Wes marry after a month of meeting because for Stella any day could have been her last. She then learns that her husband has been sugar coating some of his likings to include hers. she now has a chance to get to know the man she married better.

Her perfectly seeming life at home, is not as perfect as she thinks. Learning that her family has hid things for the past eight years to protect her, Stella starts to learn the truth. Her parents marriage is not as healthy as it seemed, Aiden is doing nothing meaningful with his life, and her sister Elizabeth’s priority was keeping her family in check.

Feeling like it’s all her fault, Stella goes back to her old hospital room and drinks her sorrows away. However, in the hallway she sees a familiar face that makes her instantly feel better.

The show is different from most shows about cancer, as Stella now has another chance at life and love. She’s going to help her family, get to know the real Wes, get a job and juggle the obstacles along the way.

Life Sentence airs Wednesday nights at 9pm on The CW.