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Shannon Livewell

Brad Byrd is an indie rock/alternative singer/songwriter from the rural shores of Massachusetts. He did not start seriously getting involved with music until he was 21, which is when he began writing his own songs.

On Friday, Oct. 12, at “The Outer Space” in Hamden, Conn., Brad Byrd performed a show that was both innovative and imaginative. As a solo artist, it is hard to make a show really entertaining when it is just the musician and a microphone. Byrd is much different in the sense that he adds a lot of unique elements to his performances.

“There are times where I will play with my guitar and a tambourine on my foot,” said Byrd. “I like to make my performances interesting.”

Byrd was voted singer/songwriter of the year from Melodic, beating out fellow artists Bon Iver and Ryan Adams.

“It was really surprising. Melodic have always been really large supporters of my career since my album ‘Ever Changing Picture’ in 2005, and have really stuck by me throughout my career,” Byrd said.

Due to his large success with new media, Byrd’s music has been recognized around the world with a large following in Sweden. As a fan of Byrd’s album, “Mental Photograph,” I was able to ask him about his inspiration behind the songs off of this album.

Byrd explained, “It is a collection of songs used to describe my journey from LA back to the East Coast. This move was a huge transition in my life, and when people close to me heard the album for the first time they knew all of the changes I was referring to. It is all very true to my life, but I want to leave a lot of it up for interpretation so everyone can get their own ‘mental photograph’ when they listen.”

Byrd’s favorite place he ever performed was at a venue in Montreal, Canada that has since been closed. Byrd was the last person to perform at the venue before they closed, and he said the energy of the show was amazing.

“It was great to see an audience full of people that spoke a completely different language, really feel my music and get what I was singing about.”

Byrd was a very inspirational person, and as a fellow performer I learned a lot by just talking to him for a half hour. On top of being a musician, he also is a producer for emerging singer/songwriters. Brad Byrd is a man of many talents, whose music can touch anyone that listens. I suggest downloading the album online or checking out more of his music at, and (if possible) see him live. I can promise that one listen will have you hooked on his music.