Live! Tonight! One Time Only! Impersonators Near You

Kait Richmond

With the passing of Michael Jackson, fans all over the world are desperate for new ways they can relive the MJ experience. So, what’s the next best thing? An impersonator, of course! Below you will find a list of impersonators and their companies in the Northeast who bring fans the King of Pop, as well as other superstars that you never caught of a glimpse of in real life.

Danny Ware – Ware is the top Michael Jackson impersonator, channelling Michael Jackson at his peak from the 80’s to the early 90’s. He has studied every detail, from Jackson’s life, to his music, to his choreography and has yet to disappoint. Having performed in NYC a number of times, you can expect to see him back. For further information and a rehearsal video of Thriller, head to

I Know Da Guy Entertainment Inc. – This company is right out of Staten Island, and will provide an entertainer for your party, regardless of size! There are over 1,000 acts to choose from, including Ozzy Osbourne, Frank Sinatra, Madonna, and even Austin Powers. IKDGE has started Applause for a Cause and will start having benefits with their own acts and DJs; the first will be for autism. Check out for more details.

StingRay – Looking for the King? You can find Elvis outside of Vegas in StingRay and his band, who give more than just a tribute show in and around New York. Having performed Elvis hits for over twelve years, StingRay is the top impersonator who you should see on the east coast. All the way until New Year’s Eve 2009, StingRay has shows up and down the coast; head to for dates, videos, and plenty of other great info!

Rain – This is the must-see band for any Beatles fan, and they are actually coming to Connecticut in January for a few shows! Tickets have yet to go on sale but they will also be in New Jersey and Rhode Island throughout November. Rain can perform the full discography so go to for a history of the band and more ticket information.

Total Entertainment – This Boston company provides everything you need for your big party, including impersonators! You can rent Cher, Elton John and even Jessica Simpson. They will come to hang out with your friends and pose for pictures. The best service? Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Monroe will come with a poker table! for more details!