Lights Out Season Review

Tom Chieppo

Patrick “Lights Out” Leary (Holt McCallany) a retired boxer, who has been dethroned as heavyweight champion of the world, is struggling to support his family. The boxer who dethroned him keeps calling him out in public for a rematch to find out who is the better fighter? In the meantime, Leary’s memory is starting to lose control due to all of the blows to the head he sustained over the years. He is facing bankruptcy and Alzheimer’s disease. Patrick’s wife, Theresa, played by Catherine McCormack is a physician who delivers an ultimatum. Loving him too much to watch him die, Leary much chose between boxing or his marriage.

Five years later, Patrick is managing a gym, which is overseen by his brother Johnny, played by Pablo Schreiber, who is always in trouble with regards to money and trying to keep the gym in business. The economic crash wipes out most of his fortune, while he is not only fighting for his wife Theresa, but also for his three daughters Katherine (Lily Pilblad), Daniella (Ryann Shane), and Ava (Meredith Hagner).

There’s the sleazy promoter Barry Wood (Reg E. Cathey), the shadowy money guy Hal Brennan, (Bill Irwin), and the smart aleck reporter (Ben Shenkman), who are all urging to get Patrick back in the ring, so that everyone can get their big payday. Patrick also has his dad and trusty trainer Robert “Pops” Leary (Stacy Keah) standing behinds his son no matter what, while training young upcoming fighters.

Since the Rocky series was such an enormous hit in theaters, we have all come to love Sylvester Stallone’s magnificent performances. Lights Out brings the drama right back to your television. McCallany is a smashing success by making Lights Out a knockout on television. Justin Zackman, creator and executive producer of Lights Out takes you inside how a boxer lives his everyday life with training, family, , and the influence of how money can make or break a fighter’s livelihood.