Let’s Play Ball


It has been a few weeks since the Charger Bulletin has been in print so there are a few things that I want to touch upon in this week’s article.

First, a few weeks ago the USGA sponsored Midnight Madness. I want to thank everyone who didn’t fear the bad weather and came up to the Charger Gymnasium. It was great to see the university support the men’s and women’s basketball teams. I understand that the women’s team has an extremely difficult schedule this year and that they are off to a great start. Keep it up! I also want to thank everyone who sat on the Midnight Madness Planning Committee for all of their insight and hard work. I want to especially thank Lisa Savarese for chairing the committee and putting so much effort into the event.

Prior to Thanksgiving Break, I went up to see the UNH women’s volleyball team play their last home match of the season. While I didn’t quite understand all of the rules of volleyball, I had a lot of fun at the match and was even more excited to see them win. It was only the third volleyball game I was able to attend all season but each one was more fun than the previous one. With the win at their last match they secured their place in the NCAA Elite Eight. Keep up the good work girls and best of luck to you!