Law & Order: Los Angeles, Season One

Kimberly Reilly

Law & Order: Los Angeles is an inspirational, legal drama television series that is added to the list of television shows that take on the role of entertaining millions of fans that have interest in criminal justice, legal action, or just drama.

 Premiering on September 29, 2010, Law & Order exposed a different scenario of itself as a show to viewers. It reveals the city of Los Angeles, a city filled with many deceitful individuals, living amongst famous and well-known celebrities. Los Angeles is a city that can be classified as a city where individuals are able to get away with so much, even murder, especially if someone has the right amount of money and legal influence. Law & Order: Los Angeles represents this idea in a predictable, but action-packed show.

Although presented in a different city and location, the new Law & Order shows off much of the same attitude, when compared to other versions in the Law & Order series. However, this version offers a mystifying twist. Similarly to the other shows, Los Angeles still has detectives proceeding to take the law into their own hands, solving the crimes, along with district attorneys making their way to impeach the offenders. As John Kubicek, from ‘Buddy TV,’ talks about this recent stage of Law & Order, he claims, “the show finds ways to stay true to the original format and attitude.” As he puts it, this new version of Law & Order tries to convey the audience, as they did in previous runs, to keep it alive and going.

Being the first American Law & Order series to be set outside of New York, it contrasts from others of its time. There are so many different elements to portray the plotline and characters into a high-quality overview. For instance, there is very good use of the location for filming purposes. There are a lot of individual scenes set apart from each other at various spots, including scenes with the beach, Hollywood, right in the city, or elsewhere. By doing this, it sets the show up for a cliff hanging and interesting climax each time. Also, special and very talented actors Jim Beaver (from Supernatural and Dead Wood), Mira Furian (Lost), Oded Fehr (The Shield), and Jay Karnes (The Shield) are featured in just the first two episodes of Law & Order: Los Angeles. Having those actors makes the show uplift from the original versions. It also makes fans of these actors appeal to the new series.

Another interesting fact about this new show is that Steven Zirnkilton, the voice-over actor who usually tells the story for all of the shows in Law & Order, is not associated with this particular series. The reason for this is because Law & Order needed to change up the way they presented the show to people. This included having a short opening that only showed the title of the show, along with the creater of the whole production. This demonstrates an uplifting effect on how viewers will react to this change. Although the show has made so many changes to the new series, it has also kept some of the original concepts, including the same typeface used for the end credits of each episode.

Law & Order: Los Angeles is a drama-packed show, jumbled with outstandingly, terriffic actresses and actors, who make the television series a positive appeal to many people. They also inspire those who want to become just like these characters in the show. These characters are inspirations for people who want to take on careers in the legal/criminal justice fields. Showing on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. on the TNT network, it promotes fans to watch it. The show also has a rating of 3.2 on average (10.6 million viewers). It has given NBC the biggest show of the week, making Law & Order history. Season one is a thrilling sequence, worth-while to watch. It deals with robbery homicides and investigative crimes from Beverly Hills to Hollywood, all featured in one episode. Overall it shows off Dick Wolf’s (the creater of Law & Order) crime drama successful production.