Lamar Kardashian?

Alessia Bicknese

I am sure everyone knows what has been going on the past couple of weeks with Lamar Odom. If you don’t know, you should probably come out from under the rock you’ve been living under (kidding, kind of) and check Twitter or Facebook.

Odom has been hospitalized, fighting for his life due to an enormous intake of cocaine and herbal Viagra used at a brothel in Nevada. Apparently, he has not been doing too well and has not been able to breathe on his own yet. He also has not been able to walk or sit up on his own.

Terrible news, right? (Even though he probably shouldn’t have been hanging around a brothel ,using drugs in the first place, but anyway…)

Millions of fans, family and friends of Odom have been sending out their prayers in hopes that he gets well soon and makes it through this horrible stage in his life, but apparently – the fact that Kim Kardashian had to postpone her baby shower because of this, has taken the spotlight instead of the fact that Odom may be on his deathbed.

What is it with these Kardashians? Someone tell me how they possibly put the spotlight towards them during someone else’s time of need?

Odom has reached his all time low, but that isn’t the real issue to the media. While his former teammates have been putting up Instagram posts praying for someone who is ‘like a brother to them’ and asking for more prayers and support, the Kardashian’s make a statement stating that they apologize for not being able to handle their live stream apps (which are literally just apps where they talk about themselves) at this time since Lamar is in the hospital.

Oh my goodness! You poor, poor, poor Kardashians. What a horror this must be for you. It must be so incredibly hard to live your lives.

They would do absolutely anything to turn the cameras towards them.

The worst part of all of this is the fact that Odom is not even referred to by his own name or even as a former “basketball star.” He is referred to as “ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian” or “former Keeping Up with the Kardashian’ star.”

As if he would have been nothing without marrying into the Kardashian family. As if he did not make his own way to the top. As if he did not make all his own money and have his own life. No, apparently he did nothing but become a Kardashian. His whole hospitalization has been more about the Kardashians than about him.

Every blog and magazine has had headlines such as: “Khloe has not left his side yet!” or “Lamar opened his eyes and said ‘hi’ to Khloe Kardashian” and of course – my personal favorite, “Kim Kardashian cancels baby shower because of Lamar.” Okay, get a grip on yourself, Kim. We’re over you and we know you’re naming your new baby “South.”

On a serious note, I do pray that Odom pulls through and gets himself back on track. But even then, I’m sure the headlines will be something along the lines of, “Lamar would not have survived without Kardashians by his side.”